How to clean and maintain a bathtub

All our products; and even hydro products are designed to be installed with extreme ease in any type of environment.

Use only liquid detergents and a soft cloth for cleaning. You ought not use powder detergents or liquid products that contain small grains that can cause abrasion. If fur appears remove it with vinegar. The loss of shine can be solved by products for polishing and by a soft cloth. Polyester tub do not change their shape, hot water cannot damage the surface. Resistance to some chemicals used in a household: 6% vinegar acid, 10% citric acid, 30% ethyl alcohol, petrol, turpentine, 5% washing sodium, sodium chloride (concentrated solution), starch.
Chemicals that cause surface damage: nitrate varnish, universal glue, concentrated hydrogen super oxide, concentrated acid, phenol-based solutions, as well as acetone, ether, methanol, chloroform, phenol.